How To Restore Damaged Teeth?

A beautiful smile is not only a question of teeth or whiteness! Moreover, not everyone has the same idea of ​​the ideal smile: some are embarrassed by teeth that are too far apart, while others are happy with their “happiness teeth”. Broken or misaligned teeth sometimes complex people to the point of not daring to smile. Composites, whitening, dental implants, bands… dental surgery and orthodontics offer many solutions to help us find beautiful teeth; let’s explore them in this blog!

Broken, worn teeth: two dental techniques to repair it

If you have broken or worn teeth (irregular surface) or if their shape bothers you (for example, a tooth that is too short), two techniques are possible.

Composites- Teeth can be enhanced with composites, resin pieces resembling natural tooth colour and appearance. These are easily applied and last over ten years. Avoiding staining products like coffee or tobacco is advisable.

Facets– Another option: dental veneers, which are custom-made ceramic plates covering the front of your teeth. They closely resemble enamel, giving a brilliant shine, and offer better durability compared to composites.

Stained or yellowed teeth: abrasion and bleaching

Teeth can lose their white colour and become yellow or grey over time, causing discomfort for some people. Stains from red wine, coffee, tea, or tobacco can be removed with scaling and polishing. When excessive fluoride causes white or brown spots, micro-abrasion with a pumice and hydrochloric acid paste is used.

Deeper stains require macro-abrasion by the Dentist Merrylands, who delicately removes the stain and fills it with a composite. Unfortunately, bleaching won’t work for these fluoride-induced stains.

For whiter teeth

For whiter teeth that last longer than a few weeks, it’s best to opt for whitening at a Cosmetic Dentist Auburn, which provides immediate and lasting results for several months.

Another option, more durable, bleaching “in ambulatory”: during ten to fifteen days, one carries a gutter on measure the night after having applied a gel. But you should never expect a bright white as the natural internal colouring of the tooth is being kept. Finally, beware of sensitive teeth and colouring products (coffee, tea, tobacco, beets, red wine, etc.) to be avoided during treatment!

Overlapping teeth: realign through orthodontics

Orthodontics realigns teeth, regardless of age. It is first necessary to make an orthodontic check-up (X-rays, photos and casts) to evaluate if the treatment is feasible, to determine the possible options and to estimate the duration and the cost.

The Rings– Made of metal or transparent ceramic, they are placed at the front or at the back of the teeth. In adults, it is often the most discreet solution that takes precedence; therefore, the rings are placed on the internal face. It is advisable to avoid foods such as chewing gum, as well as biting into an apple or a sandwich. Finally, you have to apply yourself to brushing and use interdental brushes.

The gutter– Tailor- made, invisible, to be worn 20 hours a day and changed every 15 days. It is advised by dentists to take it off to eat, but you really have to keep it for the time indicated.

In both cases, at the end of the treatment, a retainer system consolidates the result – night gutter and/or wire bonded to the inside of the teeth.

Missing tooth: the dental implant for a new tooth

With an expected lifespan of at least 15 years, the best solution is the placement of Dental Implants Auburn: a false titanium root placed in the jaw bone, on which the new tooth (dental crown) will then be screwed. This is a better option compared to a bridge, especially if a tooth is absent between two others. Barring accidents, these implants can endure for many decades.

Is it possible to have all your teeth redone?

Many teeth that are missing or need to be replaced require comprehensive treatment, so you have to work with all the specialists involved, aesthetically oriented Dentist Lidcombe, implantologists, periodontists, orthodontists, and psychologists.

When some good teeth remain beside a missing tooth, a dental bridge may be considered, connecting to the adjacent teeth. However, this process involves pruning and can harm healthy teeth. An alternative is placing an implant for each missing tooth, but it comes at a higher cost.

The last resort is the removable denture appliance replacing missing teeth or even the entire arch. It clings to the remaining teeth or by a suction cup system and often includes a false palate. “Economical, this solution is less physically and psychologically comfortable”.

In conclusion, restoring damaged teeth can transform smiles and boost confidence. Dentists offer various solutions to address different issues. While there are various options available, seeking advice from an auburn dentist will help in choosing the best approach for individual needs.

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