Orthopedic Dentist- When to Contact, Diagnosis and Treatment

An orthopedic dentist is a specialist who deals with the restoration and prosthetics of teeth. A doctor of this profile studies diagnoses and restores a disturbed dentoalveolar system. In the course of treatment, he can apply various methods of prosthetics and install functional structures in the oral cavity of patients. If you are wondering when to contact an orthopedic auburn dentisthow to prepare for the visit, how dental issues are diagnosed, and how their treatment is carried out, this blog is for you!

When to contact an orthopedic dentist

There are many reasons why you need to visit an orthopedic Dentist Lidcombe. If there is a strong destruction of the tooth, this is a serious reason for a visit to the doctor because, in addition to aesthetics, the functionality of the teeth may also suffer. Each tooth plays an important role in human life, so its destruction affects the work of the whole organism.

Also, an orthopedic dentist is necessary to ensure timely protection of the tooth from destruction. It should be borne in mind that not every type of prosthesis can completely restore a tooth. Many dentures are responsible for the restoration of only certain parts of the teeth. If the tooth has become fragile and prone to defects, a timely doctor visit will prevent its further destruction.

Correction of small defects in the crown part of the tooth also needs the help of a specialist.

Unfortunately, not all people can boast of perfect teeth. In some cases, the use of veneers will be an excellent solution to the problem. High-quality plates will help hide the flaws in the dentition.

Preparation for the appointment and how is the appointment with the orthopedic dentist

Before taking a specialist, it is not recommended to drink alcoholic beverages. The presence of alcohol in the patient’s blood negatively affects the effect of anesthetic drugs. If the patient is ill, then it is worth postponing your visit for a while. Before coming to the dentist’s office, you should thoroughly brush your teeth. Therefore, it is advisable to discuss the time of the appointment with the Dentist Merrylands in advance.

At the first consultation, the doctor must determine the degree of damage to the patient’s chewing apparatus. Before the start of orthopedic treatment, a complex surgical and therapeutic treatment of the oral cavity is carried out. This makes it possible to carefully prepare the soft and hard tissues of the patient’s maxillofacial region for the upcoming procedures. Mandatory treatment of the following diseases:

  • Pulpit,
  • Caries,
  • Cicatricial changes in the mucous membrane,
  • Stomatitis, gingivitis, periodontitis.

During the appointment, the orthopedic dentist examines the patient’s oral cavity and listens to complaints. Inspection can be visual and instrumental. Next, the doctor takes casts and photographs the dentition. If necessary, a consultation with a dentist-surgeon is appointed. Based on the data obtained, the doctor draws up a further treatment plan for the patient.

Methods for diagnosing an orthopedic dentist

The doctor chooses the appropriate research methods based on the individual characteristics of the patient’s teeth. A panoramic x-ray of the jaw, an orthopantomogram, and an x-ray of one or more teeth may be offered. A couple of months after the prosthesis, the patient will need to take a control picture to evaluate the work performed.

After instrumental diagnostics, the orthopedic dentist may consult other narrow specialists, such as an orthodontist. After all the data necessary for treatment are collected, the doctor draws up a plan for further therapy for the patient. The orthopedist is responsible for the correct selection and manufacture of an individual prosthesis.

Methods of treatment of an orthopedic dentist

In some cases, orthopedic dentists use ceramic inlays in their practice. They are necessary to protect the root canals and restore the functionality of the teeth.

There are also dental pads. They are highly durable and do not contain toxic substances. At the same time, the overlays are able to take any colour and the desired shape, which greatly simplifies the prosthetics procedure.

For dental chips, veneers are recommended. They are not exposed to any external stimuli. Lumineers (ultra-thin veneers) also help to correct defects in the teeth.

Crowns are the most common solution for dentures. They are ceramic and cermet. The metal-plastic crown is considered the most durable construction in dentistry. A bridge can replace several teeth at once. In modern dentistry, bridges on Dental Implants in Auburare especially common. They are durable, do not cause discomfort to the patient, and have a lifetime warranty.

Lamellar prostheses are considered the most budget option. Clasp dentures are a subspecies of removable dentures. However, using metal in such structures makes them look less attractive.

Before installing one of the options for the prosthesis, the orthopedist will conduct a thorough diagnosis and only then decide which option will be the most optimal for the patient. If the patient has pronounced pain, the doctor may prescribe painkillers. It is also possible to prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs. Antibacterial drugs and other orthopedic dentists appoint after the diagnosis. Self-treatment is strongly discouraged.

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